Monday, August 1, 2011


I occasionally think of Pete Seeger, and that the answer to his question will never occur in the lifetime of Mankind.

It appears that once again, the persistent slimy creature remains in the Washington spotlight, and last I heard (I don't really try to hear much) about him is he plans to run for President!

Let us hope that we're not in for another round of that time-honored American pastime, IGNORING THE LESSONS OF HISTORY.  This observation is from a long time ago, in the fleeting lifetime of humanity.



Friday when I left work, I heard a rumor which, by the time I reached home, had developed into a sure thing..

As I walked in the door, my wife said “crossfire should be good tonight.

 If you lived in Georgia, and had voted for Newt Gingrich, what would you be thinking right now?” Thinking that was a question I really didn’t have to answer, I went ahead and indicated that they must have known that they’d voted for a man dedicated to saving the country from the voters, so it should be OK with them.

On Washington Journal Saturday on my favorite sports network, C-SPAN, ol’ Newt was the preferred topic. It seems that while a lot of people agreed with my thought that an elected official who resigns is violating his contract with America, an almost equal number were spinning this to “he did the honorable thing”. These same people think that President Clinton should also resign, to save his destructive adversaries the trouble of having to try to drum up some way to throw him out.

I really won’t miss Newtie very much. If any of you can remember when he was doing the hatchet job on Connie Chun, he tried to have us believe that his own mother was simple minded, after she leaned into the microphone and whispered “he says Hillary’s a bitch”. If I’d called my little mother simple minded, she would have paddled my butt, or at least made me wish that she’d only just paddled my butt.

What we get now as Speaker Of The House could be better or a lot worse. I hope we get better.