Monday, September 19, 2011

Old Guy's Rambling Remembrances #38

I had promised my friend Mary that I'd look up the "PreDonna" anecdote from the ancient depths of my anecdotal life. I'll still do that, but I will do it from memory, and will wait until the cool hours of morning. So today, for whomsoever might see this, it's not the experience I intended, but it's an experience nevertheless.


Last night our oldest daughter, the quality checker at Motorola, who can’t keep her phone bill paid, laid out sixty bucks per to treat us to the Moody Blues, in celebration of our September 13th wedding anniversary.

These old geezers have still got it! This is our third Moody Blues concert, but the first time we’ve sat on the third row about ten feet from the edge of the stage. I’ve been spoiled forever! I never want to see them again from “half a mile” away, as we’ve done in the past.

I was sitting about fifteen feet from Ray Thomas, and was able to catch a discreet wink and wave he shot at an excited little girl who was sitting on the front row, two seats in front of me. After the last number he threw the little girl the tambourine he had been playing between flute solos. Later, during the encore, Graeme Edge came forward and tossed the little girl a pair of drumsticks.

As we were leaving the concert, my wife said that she thought that little girl would become a devoted fan, and that someday she’ll bring her kids to see the old geezers performing in their wheelchairs. Those guys are really great! It was a terrific show, and had my blood stirring the whole time.