Monday, August 1, 2011


I have thought that, as much criticism as I've given him since the 1980s, that I still believed that it has been since the 2008 election and subsequent inauguration that Limbaugh's become more flaky than ever.

Looking back at this memory, one which I've always cherished, maybe I'm wrong. Maybe he's always been a flake.



Last week when President Clinton was in Florida, he stayed at the mansion of Sylvester Stallone. Rush remarked on his Thursday show “You know, I guess I’ve always thought that Stallone was a Republican. You know, like Willis or Schwartznegger.”

I guess Rush hasn’t seen Willis in the pre-Jake days of “Moonlighting”, Schwartzenegger in “Kindergarten Cop”, or Stallone in the soft porn movie, “Party at Kitty and Stud’s”. Rush, these guys are all actors. Like Ronald Reagan, they get paid a lot of money to play parts that other people have written.

I think, Rush, that you’re losing your grip on reality. These actors are very good at what they do. Even though they are all quite competent at playing the part of mentally challenged macho men, they can also play other parts. Those are not their real personalities, Rush!