Saturday, October 3, 2009

An Old Man's Rambling Remembrances #29


Many of you know Julie as a dedicated political agitator, and among those of you who don't love her, some might even consider her a pest. I've known Julie all her life, and she's always put herself enthusiastically into every thing she's done.

Once upon a time, I worked for a living, and Julie did not own her own shop, once upon a time.

The following is from those days.


This evening, I lost track of the time. I suddenly remembered that I desperately needed to get my hair cut, or I wouldn’t be allowed in the house when I got home.

I made it to the barber shop as fast as I could get there, seriously worried that my barber would be gone home already. I hadn’t made an appointment. I got there a little after seven, and was delighted to find the place still open. My barber and the shop owner were both still working.

When I came in, my barber Julie was working on a teenager, whose classy looking young mother sat nearby, watching.

“Hi, Dad, you need a haircut?”

“How many times”, I answered,” have I told you not to waste my time with insanely stupid questions! Just look at me.”

Julie returned her attention to her customer, chatting cheerfully, as Julie always does.

She said to the girl, “Your hair looks like Goldilocks’”, and I broke into my usual barber shop patter. “Come on, Julie, all you know about Goldilocks is hearsay. You never saw her in person, how do you know how her hair looks?”

She said to her young customer, “I’m going to show you a great way to do your hair by yourself”, and started twisting the girl’s long hair in an elaborate pattern, and at each step giving the hair to the girl, who took it from Julie into her own hands and continued the step. “Now isn’t that cool?”, Julie asked, letting the hair fall back to its original shape. The girl was very excited as they chattered away, and it finally became time for the cheerful pair to part.

The Momma paid Julie, the girl took her mother’s arm and together they walked out. It was only then that I noticed that the young lady could not see. It was this old man who had been in the dark the whole time...

I got my haircut first, before I told Julie I didn’t have any money to pay her, so she made me give her about a haircut’s worth of free decorating advice for the shop.

That’s my Darlin’ Julie!



Rie Sheridan Rose said...

I've seen that young lady. She is a beautiful thing and quite poised. It's people like Julie who've helped her get that way I'm sure.

Willie C said...

I think you're right. I saw the young lady another time, when her dad was with her at the shop.

She is very pretty, and has such a nice, cheerful disposition.

Julie Holmans said...

thanks Dad...but I really do love that gal...she is very sweet and I think I enjoy her as much as she enjoys having her hair done...:)

Willie C said...

And it excited me yesterday to hear that you're still doing her hair!

You have loyal clients, girl! I'm thrilled to have met many of them.