Sunday, October 4, 2009

Goldilocks the sequel, (to #29)

When Rie commented to my Old Man's.....#29, I suddenly realized that this occurred almost ten years ago. Goldilocks must be quite a grown up lady by now. I have not seen her since I wrote this remembrance back around the turn of the century!


Last evening I stopped by my barber’s. When I got there, who but Goldilocks was sitting in the barber’s chair! She and Julie, the barber, were chattering away in their usual cheery, excited, conversational mode. I sat to wait my turn.

A man who came in right behind me seated himself nearby, and only after Julie was finished with the young lady was I to find out that the man was not a customer, but Goldilocks’ dad, who had come to pick her up. He met them halfway across the room, so I did not catch the question he asked, but Julie answered “Didn’t you know what we were going to do? We colored her hair.”

As Dad and Goldilocks walked hand in hand toward the door, (and toward me), I remarked to Julie, “You won’t be able to call her Goldilocks anymore, you’ve made her hair darker.”

After they’d gone, Julie laughed and said “Dad, you really blew it! She’s blind, and she’s going to think I cheated her, or that I’m incompetent or something! We made it lighter!”

That’s probably the reason that Dad hadn’t heard about the plan. When women, such as Goldilocks and her mom, make decisions about their appearance, they rarely think that men are observant enough to really notice, or care.


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