Monday, February 9, 2009

Who d'ya think you are Lou, Rush Limbaugh?

I have been a devoted fan of Lou Dobbs for some time, now, but maybe I won't any more.

On May 23, of the year 2008, I said, "I, for one, have been saying I can vote for the Prom King if that's what I have to do to stop a third term for the current administration. However, something I heard today may cause me to change my mind. It's going to be very difficult for me to have any kind of respect for someone who says bad things about Lou Dobbs!"

A lot of water has crossed under the bridge since that day, and tonight, Lou opened his program with a comment about the new president's message (now that he's won the election) of "The Politics of Fear". No, Lou, that was the last guy, remember, who sought to scare us into giving up our freedom, and giving him authoritarian control over our lives!

I was a Hillary supporter, and was just a little bit concerned over whether or not the lesser man of the two would be able to pull it off, but HE WON!, and now, let's give him a chance to work!

I listened to President Obama's first news conference tonight, and I did not see any "politics of fear" at work. I think he was telling it like it is!

I'm no more enthusiastic than the next guy about seeing the government borrow money which will have to be paid back by our grandchildren's grandchildren, but neither was I enthusiastic about the previous administration's throwing an almost equivalent sum of cash at the financial institutions who had gotten themselves into trouble and, when they got the money, decided it was theirs.

I'm becoming extremely disenchanted with the word "conservative", since I have always thought I was one. When I was in the archtecture business, I belonged to an organization of "Homebuilders" (homes are built by families, my friends, not by real estate salesmen with aspirations). The "Homebuilders" back in the '70's were saying such things as "we've got to get Texas banking laws changed, so that we can get some out-of-state money in here", and "we've got to get the load limits on city streets increased so that we can get larger loads of concrete". They did a lot of hard work back in those days, advancing their own agendas, and look where it's gotten us now!

Folks,I thought less than half a year ago, that we should leave the banks alone, and perhaps they'd be able to straighten out the mess they made. They didn't need taxpayer money. I may have been wrong about that. I'm a little fed up, however with the obstructionist attitude that's now going around, that public works cannot help at all to put us on the road to recovery. This morning, I stumbled across a beautifully presented piece in Flickr, posted by someone who's currently unknown to me, but whom I expect to visit from time to time on Flickr.
Just a single example

We probably SHOULD be just a little frightened of the future, then we should start thinking about what we can do to get back on track. It's not exclusively the gu'ment's job. We gotta contribute.

An economy cannot support itself with no more than paper shuffling, and a "strong" economy's purpose is NOT simply to attract capital and pay off stockholders. An economy has to have people with jobs. Otherwise, what's the point????

Well Mr. Dobbs, I never thought I'd have to say this, but now, the shoe's on the other foot. "It's going to be hard for me to have any kind of respect for someone who condemns our President before he's been in office for even a month".

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