Friday, May 23, 2008

Quit Now And Forever Hold Your Peace?

I cannot help being disappointed with the actions of the press, who have for actual months been acting as if Hillary Clinton should step aside so that they could declare the winner. Isn't it enough that for several elections, they've made a point of projecting the winner of the elections long before the last polls have closed? Today, they're even condemning her for expressing a historical fact! I say, "Hang on, Hillary until someone sees you're the better man!"

Being cute, or even being a Flickr, does not qualify one to be president. Reciting the words of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. MOST CERTAINLY does not make one Dr. King.

Democrats historically do not blow off candidates until they've lost. That's traditionally a Republican thing to do. If the Democrats do not like the way the Republicans are running things, what's the rush to emulate them? Why force a candidate out of the primaries, therefore telling virtually half the Democrat voters in the country that they've lost? The winner of the party's nomination should be decided after all the votes are in.

I, for one, have been saying I can vote for the Prom King if that's what I have to do to stop a third term for the current administration. However, something I heard today may cause me to change my mind. It's going to be very difficult for me to have any kind of respect for someone who says bad things about Lou Dobbs!

A footnote/epilogue:
One does not always know what the future will bring, or what will change his life...we usually mean what we say at the time we say it, or else we're deliberately intending to deceive. I did not deceive, I meant what I said, but........

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