Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Is Speed A Legal Drug?

I learned to drive when I was twelve, and began to drive legally by myself when I was fourteen. Within a couple of months after I got my license, we moved to Hawaii, and my dad wouldn't let me drive there, because he didn't want to deal with the added insurance burden.

From well before the time I learned to drive until I was about twenty-seven years old, the speed limit in Texas was, "60 day, 55 night" on Texas highways. Back when that speed limit was 60, we'd rant and rail about old codgers who would drive 50 or so on highway, because then, the average highway was 20 feet wide, with one lane in each direction, making passing in traffic a thing requiring some skill, and often daring. All highways and streets are wider now, usually with multiple lanes.

Today, I was driving on a city street which seemed to be specifically designed for no passing, but it has a speed limit of 35. I usually maintain between 35 and 38 on this street, because I really see no need to go faster in this area. Inevitably, though, there's someone behind me who thinks I'm going too slow.

Then, on my return trip home, I was driving on a multilane road with a speed limit of 55, but there was one SUV behind me who really wanted to 60 or 65. First, he decided to try to pass me on the left after I'd already turned on my signal for that lane, then switched his intentions to pass me on the right. I really saw nothing wrong with that, but it seemed that all the other cars on the street also seemed to be in this fellows way. I never did find out where the fellow was headed in such a hurry.

When I think back to those days when I cussed at the old codger roadhogs of my youth, I wonder if people now think of me as one of those old codgers????................. Old.....I can definitely attest to!

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