Saturday, February 14, 2009


Our second grade teacher, Mrs Barkley, told us St. Valentine was in prison (that happened to lots of Christians back in those days), and he used leaves and whatever he could find lying about, to make little messages, which he sent out into the world to express his love. (Or something like that)

I don't know what they teach kids in school nowadays (except that the English language apparently does not seem to be in the curriculum), but in those ancient times, we learned a lot of what we know in school.

However, I decided this morning to check out Mrs. Barkley's story, in preparation for wishing everybody a "Happy Valentime", and immediately found out that she was probably reciting a popular myth. Actually, there is no real historical evidence for Valentine. In his day, there were a lot of people named Valentine, and it continues to have widespread use today.

I guess we'll just have to say that the tradition of Valentines is a good one, and for my wife it means that the sun has progressed enough in its cycle toward spring, that the winter "hibernation" mood is starting to fade. For one of my daughters, it's time to start trying to plant spring plants in her garden. For me, it's time to try to think up some sort of card.

Happy Valentine's Day.


Bruce said...

Hi Willie: my thought for Valentine's day - love is a verb. It's is something you do. In big ways and little ways, open ways and intimate ways, serious ways and silly ways. And, if you get right down to it, you need to find ways to do it everyday, including today.


Willie C said...

Every day? Hooray!

You've written great words, Bruce!

Thanks for the inspiration.