Friday, April 25, 2008

Life In Texas.....

Rick Perry on Friday sought a 50 percent waiver from the federal renewable fuels standard for ethanol derived from grain, citing high food costs as his ...

The first time I ever heard the name Rick Perry, he was running for, and was elected to, the office of Texas Agricultural Commissioner. His purpose at that time in our history was to insure that the Agricultural Commission served the desires of the industry it was established to regulate. Can't have any state agency serving the citizens, that wouldn't be fair to business (or business's perceived view of itself)!

I was watching a show on The History Channel a couple of days ago, when they were really talking about the mechanization of harvesting, but casually mentioned that when sugar beets are processed, the products obtained are sugar, molasses, and the leftover pulp, which is made into a quality feed for cattle. What happens to the corn, after the ethanol is extracted? I have always heard, until recently, that the leftovers from the extraction of ethanol from corn can be made into a quality food product, for cattle or whoever else may want to use it for food.

Is there something wrong with Rick Perry's thinking? I've certainly always thought so, but I'm just a citizen. I don't have any cattle, or any close friends who do.

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