Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Willie's Arb

CDRI Wildlife Habitat
Originally uploaded by Willie C
Today looks like another gloomy day here in Central Texas. Maybe the sun will shine, maybe it won't, but this kind of warm, humid day helps things grow.

Once upon a time, while planning a trip to Fort Davis, I called for reservations at the Limpia (actually, the Limpia seems to own most of the town, so that's the logical place to call for reservations). The desk clerk said "It's really nice right now, we've had a good amount of rain".

I thought, "I'm going out there to visit the Chihuahuan Desert Research Institute! Deserts are supposed to be dry! Why would I want rain!"

Actually, I think I've probably convinced most of my contacts that rain on the desert is one of the most uplifting experiences imaginable, and as I thought about, I recalled that for years, the people at the Institute have been trying to grow a desert, and it's been a long, slow process. In the eons which have gone into the establishment of the Chihuahuan Desert, and for that matter, all the vegetated deserts of America, there must have been quite a few years in which the rainfall allowed considerable growth. Even the driest of deserts must have a few wet years to get going.

I'm expecting to see some serious progress in the growth of "my Arb" next week!

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