Sunday, March 30, 2008

Bufo Americana Night Music

This evening at about 8:30 PM, we heard the first trilling. The serenade of the summer was upon us en masse! Since the very first time, in the summer of 1996, each year we've been treated to the song of the toads. Each year they come to make the tadpoles and the tiny toads which entertain us.

I've been listening for any sign of a mate for the lonely Leopard Frog, but so far, none has arrived. The toads seem to have brought their families with them, so vigorous is the sound coming from the dooryard!

I haven't photographed any toads, because the last time they graced our grounds was before I had my Flickreyes. I'm expecting that you'll see some toadshots presently. They're not as shy as the frogs, and will probably allow me a few shots. Then will come the time of the tiny tadpoles, which will quickly become tiny toads, which will go out each morning to patrol the yard just like the big folks.

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