Saturday, March 29, 2008

September 3, 1962

There are special times when the spirit rises to heights lost to memory! On September 3, 1962, I looked out the back door of our Garcia Street apartment, and witnessed snow in Santa Fe. I did a quick "hey, look!" to our upstairs neighbors who'd come recently from New Jersey. They couldn't believe it either, saying, "that doesn't happen even in Jersey!" (damyankees are so provincial, everything must be compared to the "homeland").

Today I went out, as I always do, to check on my small world "around the grounds",
and felt the effects of an overnight cool front and rain. As I stood near the Columbine Cage,the scent of the air and the damp coolness carried me away to Aspen Meadows in the Sangre de Christos. My already joyous spirit was lifted almost beyond belief. What a beautiful this will be!

Columbine Cage Ring Dance

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