Monday, February 25, 2008

MICK, A Reminiscence

I had thought of posting some preFlickr items into this forum to fill in until I recover from my "speechlessness". I found, however, that several hundred pages of data seem to be locked into my computer until I can recover them. It's a long story, and I'll not try to explain or apologize further, except to say that my wife would write it off as a Microsoft plot, and she may be right. I cannot access any of my Corel files, and for some unexplained (so far) reason, my computer will not accept a re-installation of the program. The following is from an ancient MS Word file.


This evening, my wife showed me a videotape “How the Grinch Stole Christmas”, which she’d bought for the kids to watch when they come over for Thanksgiving.

“We might enjoy it, too”, she said.

More than likely! I’m looking forward to it.

Got me started, however, looking for Mick on the internet. I’ve had more than a passing interest since hearing about the Oscars on TV, when Mick got a nomination for his Production Design for “The Grinch”.

I found out tonight that Michael Corenblith had designed quite a few movies, some of which I had not known about, including Ransom, Apollo 13, EdTV, Mighty Joe Young, etc. Before tonight, I only knew of a few, such as “The Ratings Game”, a TV series called Eery, Indiana, and years ago, a series called “Hello, Harry”, in which he was only the lighting director.

I first became acquainted with Mick when he knocked on my door looking for a job, saying “the school sent me”. I found out quite a while later that he’d misrepresented himself, but I’m certainly glad to have been his employer for about four years, while he finished high school and went to college, and I've always considered his "conning" me as a very clever act.

After about a year and a half, Mick switched his major from Architecture to Communications, and he seems to have found his calling. I never got an Oscar nomination, myself. Maybe someday he’ll get an Oscar. Tonight, I’ve seen his name in all sorts of places on the WWW, many of which were in languages I didn’t even recognize.

I even found out tonight that he’d been involved once before the 2000 Oscar nominations when Apollo 13 was nominated for best picture in 1995. I'm constantly reminded that I don't know everything.

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