Friday, February 22, 2008

Old Trail Buddies

Since Feb. 11, I've gone on the downstream leg of the River Trail three times. I'd always thought that the upstream leg is the more scenic, and usually prefer it, but there are times when I wonder if maybe the easier downstream leg offers more entertainment.

On that ride on Feb. 11, in the afternoon, I was accosted by what seemed to me to be an overly aggressive goose. Unlike his brethren, he refused to ignore me. He came loudly and boisterously from about 50 feet away, cussing and making aggressive gestures, as if the park belonged to him alone, and I was intruding on his territory. A photo from this day can be seen on my Flickr page

A few days later, I went back down to the park, and was taking a photo of a Canada Goose, who seemed to feel quite at home in this park, when I saw "my goose" approaching at a rapid pace. He seemed more as if he were simply greeting me this time, however. He rubbed his head against my leg almost catlike.

Yesterday, I sat on one of my favorite benches and watched the geese wandering around, and, in a few minutes, "my goose" separated himself from the gaggle about twenty feet or so, made a sharp right turn, and started sauntering toward me. My wife has said I should take him some sort of treat. Heck with that! I'm stilll not sure what goes on in the mind of a goose, and I can't be certain what a gesture of laying his head in my lap might lead to. I've heard the term "goosing" all my life, and don't think I want to actually experience it, especially in my lap.

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