Monday, February 25, 2008

A Chance To Rant!

For several months, my oldest granddaughter has been working for Dell Corporation through a temp agency, on a nine month contract.

Last week, she prepared for an interview for a permanent position, and thought the interview went well. Today, she went to work, and discovered that all the temps had been let go! What an experience that must have been!

Of course, we old folks who had grown up in a different world were somewhat taken aback, but it has become the way of life, for not only entry level people, but for all of us. Her nine month contract was not supposed to have ended until April.

Let us hope that someday, the economy of this country, and the voters who help choose the direction of it, will come to the realization that "the bottom line" is not the only significant factor.

An economy is more than what gains can be made from the Stock Market! Once, a year or so ago, when I said "Where's Henry Ford when we need him?", my "somewhat" younger sister-in-law responded with, "You mean the Nazi sympathizer?" Gosh, I had not even known he was a Nazi sympathizer, although he was not alone in this country in having such an attitude in those days.

I had meant to refer to his concept that his employees should be able to buy his product, but that thought died, in the mind of my sister-in-law. She was focused on what I considered to be the less significant aspect of his life.

If we can't have some kind of change in direction, there will come a time, people, when this country will no longer have any industries to employ its citizens. The low, low prices at WalMart will not matter to people who have no income. We can't all make a living as investors.........that was tried, and failed, as the '20's drew to a close.

I've been accused by a respected colleague of being a liberal, but I'm only a liberal insofar as it applies to those who embrace new ideas. I'm quite conservative in a desire that this country be restored to a land of opportunity, with personal freedom as its defining characteristic.

The post you see below was interrupted by the news about my granddaughter, so posted it before this one. I will not often be doing multiple posts on any given day.

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