Friday, November 5, 2010

Old Guy's Rambling Remembrances #35

This evening, just as I was preparing to turn off the TV and go upstairs to read awhile and have a Scotch before going to sleep, I heard of the death of Jill Clayburgh.

I suppose my persistent question will forever continue to go unanswered.


In January of 1987 I was in Santa Fe, hanging out. I had told myself that I was there to look over the job potential. We were well into the mid-80's "voodoo economics" catastrophe that eventually led me to give up my business and get a paying job with a manufacturing company.

I didn’t find much activity there, and really didn’t try as hard as I should have to justify being there. My wife was home with Julie, who was expecting Christa “soon”.

I did have a word processor with me, and wrote down a lot of thoughts, but they have all been lost or misfiled over the years. One of the persistent thoughts has been the “sighting”.

Every afternoon about the same time, I’d walk around the plaza. I could swear I thought I’d seen Jill Clayburgh. She seemed to be making a routine trip each afternoon to Hagen-Daas, then walking back toward La Fonda with a cup in each hand. On the third afternoon of this routine, she gave me a sweet smile and walked on. It was at that time I decided that she probably wasn’t really Jill Clayburgh, but a secretary, and was not headed for the hotel with ice cream, but to one of the downtown offices with coffee from Woolworth’s.

Last night I accidently saw a new sit-com which featured Jill Clayburgh as the mother of the main character. Then this morning, I happened to catch a few minutes of some movie where Jill was playing the wife of Michael Douglas, who was dressed at the time in a baseball uniform. That’s all I saw of the movie, but once again I’m trying to decide if it wasn’t really Jill, and not a secretary, that I saw on the plaza that week back in 1987. Who really cares anyway?

I guess I do, but who else?


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