Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Whose rights?

Today, in the Kiddierag, I saw a very well written letter from a lady in Horseshoe Bay. She questions the "objectiveness" of the newspaper which published 23 letters on Sept 12 supporting President Obama's speech to children.

According to the paper's own comments, those were the letters they received. Perhaps the citizens whose letters caused school administrators from all over the state to exclude the speech felt they'd done all they needed to do.

The lady from Horseshoe Bay admits it was a good speech, but goes on to talk about the president. According to her, "every piece of legislation Obama (she never calls him President) supports calls for dependence on the government and giving up individual rights and responsibilities." I don't believe that, myself, but we all have the right to our own opinions (so far) in this country.

But, lady from Horseshoe Bay, you mention "rights". I feel very strongly that the last three Republican presidents have done more to attack our "rights" than President Obama. You really should think about that. The government has a responsibility to protect the rights of all Americans, not just those of your friends.


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