Wednesday, July 8, 2009

An Old Man's Rambling Remembrances #27

This morning in the Kiddierag, I saw this piece by John Young, an excellent writer for the Waco Tribune-Herald.

It appears that Justice Clarence has made the news once more.

Remember folks, the following is not the news. John Young's article is.

The "random remembering" goes back to shortly after our previous president was carried into office by his daddy's Supreme Court.



Like father, like son, some people say. That silly looking smirk is not an affectation, it is an inherited characteristic. Also the urge to rub people’s faces in it must also be inherited.

Once Mr. Bush the elder stood in front of the people of the united states and said “he’s the only man for the job”, referring to supreme court nominee Clarence Thomas. That was an insult to the memory of the great man, Thurgood Marshall. I like to think of it as contempt of court.

Now we have John Ashcroft as our new attorney general. I really doubt that he will live up to the expectations of those who fought hardest against him. It remains, however, that in his own state of Missouri, the voters preferred a dead man to Mr. Ashcroft as their representative in The Senate.

Those loudest of Mr. Ashcroft’s defenders, the likes of Orin Hatch, Rush Limbaugh, etc., have said that it’s such a noble thing that Mr. Ashcroft did not contest his election in court. I’m not sure I understand why they think that they can say that Mr. Ashcroft was “noble” without implying that President George W Bush is not a noble man.


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