Friday, July 3, 2009

Bosses, The Trail, and The Fourth Of July!!!!

How exciting the see the trail so well used today!! I chose the upstream direction today, because it just seemed right.

Every day is Saturday to a retired person, and the folks who "hooped at the barber shop" yesterday were going to be "hoopin' at the park" on The Fourth Of July. I thought I'd ride down to the park this afternoon to watch.

Silly me, I knew that my former place of employment was closed today for the fourth, so, of course it must be the fourth (and yet, today is the third of July).

Folks were out in force today, enjoying the excellent weather (which will be HOT later in the day). I had not gone far before I saw on the trail a group of six people, which included my very last boss, the one who saw me into my retirement, and thus holds a special place in my heart.
He's the only boss I ever had who is also my neighbor.

Not only were my very last boss and his wife in the group, but also their oldest son and his family, from The Land Of Enchantment! They're also expecting more family members later today, so it's my guess there'll be a great time for them all this weekend!

The trail was fairly well populated before I got to killer hill, then I seemed to have it all to myself.
...Monsters' Ball
Arriving at the lake shore, my imagination was captured by the apparent party going on among the weeds a short distance away. I rode across the barren rock, then walked a short distance through the short grass, and joined the party.

...Blue Sky, Blue Water
The blue of the cloudless sky, the blue of the water, the white glare from the limestone, combined with the slight reddish tint to the soil and some of the grasses, made me feel very American on this eve of The Fourth!

...Relief From A Cloudless Sky
And this place is not all relentless. The cozy little shade at the base of the juniper shrub looks very inviting.

And so, I moved only about a hundred yards more along the shore, simply to check to see if the bronzed, blond bikini hiker had made her way along the north shore trail to her "sun and swim" place. Not finding her, I started for home.

As I moved along the easy route home from the lake, I saw more people on the trail, and shortly after decending killer hill, I encountered the family who'd been cooling themselves in the spring at Springhouse Crossing. It was a fine ride, and a terrific way to start the day.

Fly 1
On my inevitable "water break" at Springhouse Crossing, this dragonfly sat for me. I think these fast-moving creatures are very pretty, and they never seem to sit still at my dooryard pond. I'm happy to have found this one.


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