Saturday, July 18, 2009

Rides to remember......

Today, I rode downstream, then back up the free river, with a stop at Mr. Bonner's Bench.

I found, in my trip up the free river, that the Rock Street foot bridge project was well under way. They had moved the detour sign, and while I was photographing the workers in action, a group of cyclists happened by, who discovered an easy detour around the construction, so I followed them.

After passing the Old Cemetery, I rode up to Chautauqua Park, a place I'd never seen before, and may not need to see again.

After stopping for a while at Julie's barber shop, I cruised the east side to the IOOF cemetery. My goodness, a lot of dead people live in our little town. I had never had any idea it would be so big.

Tomorrow, I think I'll go upstream. It's more fun. Yesterday, my wife, who had gotten up quite early, suggested I go out earlier than usual. I thought that might be a good idea, and decided to try to fit a cap under my helmet, to help ease the burden of the slotted exposure of my scalp to the sun. That same wife suggested I use a handkerchief. My goodness, where does she get all that smart? If you've never tried it, it's a great way to keep the sun from shining through the helmet's slots and heating up your head.

As I was pushing my bike up the killer hill, whom should I encounter but the robust young woman I usually see who always says "Sure is hot today"? But yesterday was an hour earlier than usual, and she just said "Hi!" I didn't get to return the greeting with my usual, "It'll be hotter later today". I wonder who's at her house to tell her it would be a good idea to start early?

I rode to the cove, and went up into the cove quite a way. Then, I thought, "What the heck!" I'm a cautious bicyclist, but I'd recently learned that a little flat ledge along the lake shore about 18"-48" wide, made for an easy ride with my all-terrain bike. Why couldn't I do it here? I found out that I couldn't, really. Things went well for a little way, but suddenly, the bike stopped short against a rough place, and I didn't. I have "almost" taken headers before, but I think this is the first time I'd ever actually gone over the handle bars. I also threw my chain in the process, and had to stop to set it back on track. Something about that day, a Friday, not exactly a weekend, but the banks of both sides of the cove seemed to be crowded with fishermen, and, of course, I assumed that they were all looking at, and laughing at, me.

I sedately pushed the bike until I reached the "riding" ledge at the flint beds, and rode from there. Lo and behold, about halfway along the ledge, I met two cyclists coming toward me. I rode off the ledge onto the slope, which ends abruptly at a 12 foot drop into the drink. The slope was very gentle at this part, but I was very grateful to the lady member of the pair, who trailed slightly behind her mate. She stopped and moved her bike to the uphill side of the ledge so that I could get back up before the slope became a little bit more than I cared to deal with. As I thanked her, she said she was also somewhat squeamish about the slope in that area.

They must have looped around soon after riding the ledge, because they overtook and passed me as I was taking a water break at the top of the killer hill.

I saw this couple later as they had stopped at the rest rooms at the crossroads. I should have stopped and asked, but since I didn't, I'll always wonder, "Could they be the "crossroads" couple?" They certainly could be.

When I got home, that same practical woman who had made me leave early, before it got too hot, and also had given me the handkerchief idea, saw a few bloody scrapes on my arm, and made me clean them up. That I can't explain, but I guess it's a "gal" thing.



Bruce said...

Hey Road Warrior - remember, gravity's a law. ;^ )

Willie C said...

Yeah, but we live in a time when laws are made to be broken.

Was a fun ride, but I've vowed not to try to be a "mountain biker". I ride to get somewhere, not for sport. I'd rather keep my neck intact.

Bruce C Moore said...

I'm with you. And my back, my knees, my hips. Mobility rules!

Willie C said...


Chaska said...

May I make a suggestion? As you guessed, I am going to whether I may or may not.....

What is the purpose of your blog?
Who is your audience?
If you clarify this, your writing will become "tighter". My own attention span is such that I cannot follow rambling....but, with blogs, in general, you have to make your point quickly.

Please keep in mind that you and I live in different worlds....I mostly in the here and now, and mostly also in the internal world.
Do, this may be the only reason I am having difficulty following your thoughts.

Willie C said...

Chaska, I have difficulty following my thoughts. As stated in my profile, this blogs original purpose was to "publish" (at the suggestion of others) my "doorhangers", which have become "random rememberings" since very few of them are current.

You already know that you rarely understand what I say, and there are times when I don't either.

My audience, as you can see from my feedjit is....Rie, and Bruce, (and of course now, you).

My most frequent hits are from people who do the "next blog" button on the Blogger format, but you already no doubt have seen that public interest in my blog probably is not even as good as in yours.

Do I want my writing to become "tighter"? I'll think about that. I find a sense of freedom in "throwing out", in a "stream of consciousness" form, my anecdotes, adventures, and observations.

If I want to make a point, I'll try, at your suggestion, to make it quickly, because that sounds like a good idea.

Don't hold your breath waiting for me to think of a point to make.


Willie C retrospect, not looking back on this blog entry to assess your comment, I think I remember it. I rambled into this one, and will probably continue to do so, but your points will not be ignored.