Wednesday, July 15, 2009

An Old Man's Rambling Remembrances #29


Occasionally, I will be accused of being a liberal, as I was yesterday. I don’t think I ever was one, and if you use the definition that Rush Limbaugh uses when herding his sheep, I don’t think that any real human being can be.

If indeed you want to call me a liberal, I’d say that it puts me in good company, such as that of Jesus Christ, and the Founding Fathers of our country, but I don’t really presume to think that I can fulfill those qualifications.

It came about with a discussion of the tree-sitter on the west coast who made a settlement with the lumber company for ownership of her tree, with visitation rights. I originally thought that she had been bought off by the lumber guys, but it was the other way around. In any event, I’d say that she won, with her tree and three hundred feet surrounding it, which she can keep as natural forest..

One of our number (you all know who, so I’ll not use names) said that there are more trees than ever before in this country. This may easily be so, but a tree farm does not a forest make!

How can anyone condemn the judicious use of our public lands for harvesting timber? My complaint would be with the reforestation (tree planting) methods used. Single cropping has caused the ruination of land throughout history.

When I was in elementary school, we were taught that timber companies would mark selected trees and remove them, leaving the other trees in place to grow some more. By the time I was in college, I noticed that the timber companies were clear cutting the forests in a checkerboard pattern, leaving areas which would reseed the cut over areas. Now, they clear cut, plant the trees they want, and to hell with the forest.

Why shouldn’t the timber companies be allowed to use their land in any way that they want to? I can think of no reason whatsoever, but when they’ve finished with theirs, and want to use National Forests, this land which is “your land and my land” in the same way, it is my right to complain!

Live on, Woody Guthrie!!!! One man’s morality is another man’s challenge.



Mike said...

In general, I would perhaps accuse you of being liberal compared to me, if that is any measure. But, on this issue, I can find no fault with your argument.

Willie C said...

Thanks for reading me, Mike! I hope you'll come again.

My only goal is to stimulate thought, not to incite controversy.

I think I'm coming to realize that my "liberalism" is the "conservatism" I grew up with. I'm a "conservative" liberal, who simply would like to see a mellowing down of the extremism we seem to have gotten into.

Once again, thanks, Mike. It's always good to hear from you.

Willie C

Anonymous said...

Loved your musings....some people can't see the trees for the tree does not a forest make...etc...

Willie C said...

Thanks, Anonymous! I have no theme for this blog, and it's quite honestly a 'stream of consciousness' thing.

I hope you'll try me again sometime. I have hundreds of pages of "musings" that I often fall back on if I can't get my thoughts together for a fresh topic.

Willie C