Sunday, March 8, 2009

Why should anyone?

I'm not sure I even believe what I'm hearing, but quite some time ago, very shortly after the inauguration in January, I think I heard that GREAT man, Rush Limbaugh, saying that our new president's pleas for bi-partisan efforts in Congress were a sign that President Obama was "running scared", like the proverbial dog that chased cars until he caught one. You're saying needs more support than he's getting? Maybe that's true. "The moving finger writes, and having writ, moves on". We shall see what we shall see.

The very fact that our new president was asking for cooperation in our legislative branch meant that he didn't have enough support for his ideas? Only time will tell how the president's aggressive new presidency will progress, but to say that trying to bring the parties into some sort of concord is a sign of weakness seems perfectly absurd to me!

Several times, recently, and at least twice from his own enormous mouth, I've heard that Mr. Limbaugh has challenged The President of the United States to come on his program.

Did he ever ask "the decider" to do that? I do not listen to Mr. Limbaugh nearly often enough to know, but I doubt it. The stated purpose of the large one's show is not to present ideas, or to discuss viewpoints. The stated purpose from his own mouth, is to "make the host look good".

Let me see, now, Mr. Rush, you say that attempts on the part of our new president to "talk with the enemy", by encouraging bipartisan discussion is a sign of "running scared", then would an effort to "talk with the enemy" by challenging him to be on your show be a sign of.........what?????

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