Sunday, March 1, 2009

What Happened? I Know Not What Happened!

On this day, I posted a rant, and it was not a particularly good rant, but it was my rant.

Therefore I post this announcement, because when I went to "View Blog", there was nothing to be seen in the space.

If you mouseclick "rants" in the tags column, it will come up first on the list, and that's the way I've had to view it.

Perhaps it's so bad that the pure of heart are not allowed to see it, but it can be seen by anyone through the "tags" column, so if it happens that, like me, you see nothing in the entries section on the blog, then find it through the "rants" label.

Thanks for your cooperation, and I sincerely hope that, after writing this, I don't "View Blog" and find my previous entry, or nothing at all.

Willie C, with hat in hand.

PS.......and sure enough, as soon as I published this, and went to "view blog", then there everything was! Oh, well, what can you expect from a novice?

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