Monday, March 2, 2009

Happy Independence Day!!!!

Was it only yesterday, when I made what I consider a significant view of recorded history? The jist of History, is that it is written by humans, and it's a core feature of human nature to expect one's own opinion to be the correct one.

How little we know of our past, even with all the literature that has been produced in its behalf! And then, of course there is the attention span of the average human, and his memory, that must be taken into consideration.

Today is Texas' Independence Day. Often it's overlooked in Texas, with only casual mention, and many people have forgotten the significance of the date altogether. I, myself, when thinking about it this morning, was thinking, "On March 2, 1836, Texas declared independence from the tyranny imposed by Antonio Lopez de Santa Anna, who had established himself as the emperor of Mexico". My only intention had been to simply establish that Texas was not alone in its revolt from the tyranny of Mexico.

I had thought that, "Texas declared its independence, then the citizens gathered to fight Santa Anna, who responded to the Declaration with an invasion". How inaccurate was that? Wow!

Texas was one of eleven Mexican states that were in revolt in the latter years of the 1830's into the '40's, and one of three that had made a formal declaration of independence. Although two of the three were on the northern frontier (Texas and The Republic of the Rio Grande), one was in Yucatan.

The Yankees are taught that the independence of Texas was initiated, encouraged, and supported by the "Manifest Destiny" doctrine of the United States. I think perhaps there may be some truth in that, but, let us never forget that the flag that was flown over The Alamo was a Mexican flag, with the date 1824 added across the middle of it. I will forever support the idea that the Texians wanted to protest the dissolution of the Constitution of 1824, and the dictatorship of Santa Anna.

Texas declared its independence months after the fighting started, and only four days before the fall of The Alamo. That came as a surprise to me this morning! I guess that helps to explain the vagueness, and the varying accounts of practically every event in our history. It's a matter of opinion, and dependent on human memory, so each story will vary according to the author.

So, the Texas Declaration of Independence was adopted on March 2, 1836, while The Alamo had already been under siege for about a week. I think it is fairly well established, and reasonably well agreed upon, that the siege, and the sacrifice of the defenders of The Alamo, bought precious time for the Texians to get organized in their efforts, and eventually to defeat Santa Anna on April 21 at San Jacinto, in the swampland of East Texas.

Mexico, after the formation of the Republic of Texas, still did not recognize the independence, and, I think that attitude persists, although Texas has long since been a state of The United States of America.

But today, I will still wish everyone a HAPPY INDEPENDENCE DAY!

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