Friday, July 22, 2011


This afternoon, I had another of my musing fantasies.

We have a young snapping turtle who travels freely between the dooryard ponds, I think it is the same turtle that was much smaller last winter when we first saw it. Turtles rarely stay in one place for long, but this one seems persistent. I suppose that snapping turtles could have somewhat different habits from sliders.

Last week, as I was walking past the lower pond, I noticed the turtle eating a mockingbird.

I was sitting on the porch putting on my shoes, in preparation to spending my customary ten to fifteen minutes outdoors in this oppressive summer weather before ducking back into the AC.

A squirrel came to take a drink from the upper pond, and I could not avoid watching closely to see if I could see the turtle sneaking up on the unwary squirrel. It didn't happen, but I still could not avoid my anxiety.


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