Monday, July 26, 2010

Old Guy's Rambling Remembrances #31


When I was a callow college youth, without the consummate wisdom with which I am now endowed, I would brag to my buddies, “I know how to get any girl to smile at me.  Just walk along with a cheerful attitude, smiling instead of leering, and they’ll smile at you”.

Much, much later, when I finally became a man, I learned that the smile was a primal feminine defense mechanism that transcends species. It is widely used among human females, as well as others of higher forms of life to say, “I acknowledge that you are stronger than I, and that I have something that you desire greatly, but if you can resist your natural impulses to make the unspeakable demands, then, as an individual like yourself, and not an object to be exploited, I can become an affectionate and loyal friend, for as long as we both may live. If you like, we could have a cup of coffee, and some meaningful conversation. My husband would think it’s OK, so long as you behave yourself.”

The smile rarely means (as the college youth might be inclined to surmise), “She wants me”.

I’ve tried to remember this throughout my adult life, and the very knowledge of it has earned me a lot of nice hugs over the years.


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