Friday, January 15, 2010

Inspired By My Facebook/Flickr Friend Don....

Today, I was moved to tears (sort of) by the video posted by Don on Facebook. Long before I saw the movie "Cold Mountain", but after I'd fallen love with Alison Krauss, I saw a piece in the paper that inspired me to watch the Oscar presentations, something that normally interests me not at all.


A memory, almost six years old........

Saturday, I read in the Austin American-Kiddierag that, at the academy awards, my beloved Alison Krauss would be wearing a pair of 4½" heeled, diamond encrusted shoes. The shoes are said to have cost two million dollars.

I was not necessarily impressed by the two million dollar part, because such things are common in Hollywood. I had never seen Alison wearing 4½" heels before, however, and wondered if it wouldn’t detract from her wonderful, wholesome presence.

I so love Alison Krauss that if she had been standing there naked as a newborn, but singing, I would have loved her still. She was, however, wearing a beautiful white floor-length gown, which completely covered her feet. I could not tell, and maybe will never know, if she was wearing the Cinderella shoes, but she sang like an angel.

Trying to console, my wife said, “ It’s possible that they found the shoes would not fit her (what would be the chances, anyway), and she didn’t wear them”. I really should say “Who cares?”, but I may spend the rest of my life wondering.

I decided today that maybe I should attempt to settle this question once and for all. And so, I present to you the evidence that I was able to find
. Simply be advised, that no one should ever take as gospel truth what he finds on the WWW. All I can say with certainty is that the dress in the photo is the same one she was wearing on that evening. And I can also say, that glamorous as she looked on that night, the photo seems to indicate that she's still the gal I've come to admire so much.

Footnote to footnote:
Do not bother with the "find" link in the footnote...It is a website that has long since moved on to other subjects.

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