Friday, December 4, 2009

Next For Rufus, Do You Mean Religion Or Personal Choice, Or Both?

Not sure what's next, son. Maybe you ought to go ahead and start thinking of more...

[Sir, just stopping by to say..."Hey"...How you be??? Need a blog topic??? How 'bout the pros and cons of being drafted or volunteering for the military. Religion and personal choice...on a higher power...i'll think of more...:}]

You say "Religion and personal choice", and I suppose that means one thing, but it could mean two. I am going to assume today that it means "Religion and personal choice". I'm thinking that means, "Do we have a personal choice of religion?"

I think that those who are most inclined to flaunt their religion would say, "No". These are the people who have the answer. If you do not agree with them, then you have to be wrong. I have said many times before, "Everyone creates his own Jesus". Otherwise, we would all be in agreement about religion, and personal choice would be irrelevant. It would not even be an issue.

So, son, if you're asking, "Is religion based on personal choice?", I'll have to answer, "It must be, and, generally speaking, all who proclaim religion have made a personal choice to believe what they want to believe". For that reason, I have also said that I think "Agnostics must be closer to God than anybody". The more I see of bickering, petty and otherwise, about the finer points of religion, the more I feel that my thought about Agnostics must be true.

I sincerely believe that God is, and God does, but we as humans are hopelessly inadequate to know the truth about God.


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