Saturday, December 19, 2009

Last of the Rufus musings until he calls for more....

[Sir, just stopping by to say..."Hey"...How you be??? Need a blog topic??? How 'bout the pros and cons of being drafted or volunteering for the military. Religion and personal choice...on a higher power...i'll think of more...:}]

Son, it seems to me that I'm down to the final segment. I really can't think of anything really inspirational to say about a higher power.

It's obvious that the human race has, since its inception, sought after a higher power, and all I can say about it is that there certainly could be one, and probably even is one.

I have mentioned in statements in the past that, "everybody makes his own Jesus", and by that, I mean that this higher power is subject to the whims of the puny human race. That simple statement, in my mind, seems to be the key to the whole thing.

No one can actually see that higher power, and, in general, conversations with that higher power tend to be very one-sided. Have you heard a song that goes, "Jesus is on the hot line, tell Him what you want"? To me that's appalling. Is the sole purpose of Jesus to give us what we want? What about what He wants? Nothing in the song says, "Ask Him what He wants".

Have you ever noticed that everyone who claims association with a supreme being knows with absolute certainty that what the supreme being desires is exactly the same as that person himself desires? I find that sort of odd, too, because everyone's "desires" seem to be different, sometimes slightly, sometimes radically!

Someone long before me said, "In the beginning, God created man, then, soon afterward, man created God" (or something like that)

When I once said that the most religious people all claim to know God exactly, while agnostics claim that they just don't know, I decided that the agnostics are probably closer to God than anybody!

I hate it that God has to be a scapegoat. The name of God is used to justify the most horrible manifestations of mankind's cruelty to his own kind. The name of God has been used to justify us to ourselves. For two semesters when I was in college,
in order to register, I was required to sign a paper that said that I believe in a supreme being. Our country's motto was changed from "E Pluribus Unum" to "In God We Trust" in those early years of the Cold War when we felt the need to distinguish ourselves from the "Godless Communists". I still wonder what God must think of the communists? I know what Phyllis Schlafly thinks about them, but I really want to know what God thinks.

So what do I think regarding a higher power? I believe I'd like to know the nature of that higher power, but I'll never find the answer in the theology of the various religions.

I feel fairly confident that all I've learned about the higher power falls well short of the truth.


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