Monday, September 7, 2009

Tomorrow, the Killer Hill! (maybe)

For more than a year now, I've had as one of my life's great goals, to conquer the killer hill.Approaching The Plunge
This morning, I left without a plan. I live at the midpoint of The Trail. I usually set out with a decision to go down toward town, or up toward the lake. Today, I headed toward the down trail, but changed my mind en route, turned right instead of left at the proper place, and went for the upstream trail.

About two miles from the house stands the killer hill, which traverses the abrupt rise between two historical "benches" of the river (which has been cutting away at the ancient seabed for far longer than I can imagine, and have never bothered to look up).

I started up the severe slope, and, as usual, gave up somewhere around midway to the top.

By pushing the bike, I reached the ridge where it makes a sharp curve and begins to level off, where I encountered two ladies pushing their bikes down! At least I never push my bike down, after the first time that gave me a feel for it.

One of the ladies, said "it's a killer hill, isn't it?" Indeed it is! Maybe everyone has the same attitude I do, and maybe everyone calls it Killer Hill.

Before I left, my wife called out, "pace yourself", and I find with the passing years, that her "suggestions" seem to make more sense than once I thought they did. So, when I got to the bench which marks my regular "water break" at the top of Killer Hill, I decided to go back down and make my way down the trail to home and air conditioning.

While sitting on the bench, I looked at my gears, and noticed that I was in mid-range. The new cable I installed a month or so ago must have slipped, and needed adjusting.....which, as far as I'm concerned, means next time I make a run for the killer hill, I might just make it!

After taking the accompanying photo, I met a man who could not have been more than fifteen years younger than I, who had just made it up the hill under pedal power! Rufus, my boy, I'm gonna make it, and maybe it will be tomorrow!



Bruce C Moore said...

Down shift and go for it, Willie!

Willie C said...

I'm gonna do it Bruce! After yesterday's mishap, I had to bend the derailleur bracket tab back into shape, and am still trying to fine-tune the shifter. I noticed when I got to the top this morning that I had two more rear sprockets to go which I didn't know I had. Now THAT's encouraging for me. I can always blame on the bike and say I can fix it!

Also, I feel fairly certain that once I get the psychological barrier behind me, I'll ride the hill regularly!