Monday, August 3, 2009

Maybe it's a good idea, but......

I've noticed that I just had three of the closest spaced hits in the history of my "blog".

This is in response to my posting what I considered nothing. If nothing is really what you'd like to see, I probably will not be able to comply.

Remember that I begged for comments. It's not that hard to leave a word or two, so that I may know that "nothing" is what you'd most like to see on my blog.

Until I hear otherwise, I'll probably continue in the way I've been going, with an effort to be a little more concise and less rambling, for those of you who have more limited attention spans. I hope that my efforts to be concise will not start to contradict the name of my blog.

Willie C



Anonymous said...

HUH...where's the meat? I love your ramblings...I'm thinking Rie should make a book of,"Dads Blog Ramblings" get to being more prolific Mr.H...
your only son, Rufus

Willie C said...

A fine boy you've turned out to be, too!

Don't worry too much about my rambling....without it, I'd have to shut down. I really thought that Meander3081 out to be enough to clue people in to my message.

Here sit right this minute, wondering whatever I could say in the next post. Pro'ly oughta wait a few days, because I have 'way too much on my mind right now.