Monday, August 24, 2009

Am I ready for this yet?

Several days ago, I commented on a Facebook entry posted by someone I've known all her life. She had described closing our borders as a "conservative" (in the Newtie/GBW modern definition of 'conservative') issue, and she seemed to be calling it a distasteful, inhumane thing.

My response was, in effect, "I'm for closing the borders, but I dare you to call me a neocon!" I did not elaborate on that, and I've been feeling somewhat guilty about it ever since.

I am not in favor of closing our borders to immigration. Our country was built on the efforts of immigrants.

A quick overview of the history of immigration into this country would indicate that efforts to control immigration have not been simple or equitable.

But my comment about "closing the borders", made in haste, should have been more carefully worded.

I am very much in favor of "closing the border" to lawbreakers. My father's father immigrated from England in the nineteenth century. He became a citizen of this country in the manner prescribed at the time, along with his father and brother.

Am I alone in feeling that I'm an American, and surely must have fairly close relatives who are English? I do not know any of them, nor do I feel that any of them would be entitled to enter this country illegally, just because I happen to be here.

And even if I did know them, I would not feel that they might be entitled to enter this country illegally, just because I'm here.

Why does a significant portion of our population feel a kinship with their country of origin that precludes law? Without rules, and without consension, our civilization is jeopardized.

Our country was founded on dissension, and there is an inherent right for citizens to contest unjust law, but what can be unjust about controlling access in an organized manner, as is practiced in every civilized country.



Rie Sheridan Rose said...

I hear you, Papa. No one should be able to just waltz in without going through the proper channels. Just as no one who DOES go through the proper channels should be turned away. The two things are not mutually exclusive. The "huddled masses yearning to be free" were always intended to come through immigration, not through the Rio Grande.

Willie C said...

Thanks, Rie, I appreciate your comment. The key word here is "illegal". In my opinion, immigration is healthy for the sustenance of a country, but the country has a right to document this immigration, and no obligation to those who chose to break the law.

Please do not pick exclusively on the Rio Grande, however. Illegal immigration does come from other sources as well. I do not wish to discriminate among lawbreakers.

Anonymous said... fore-peeps were brought here...much against their will and forced to be second class citizens...and after we were made regular citizens many of the "regulars" wanted us to be sent back to Africa where we no longer had an attachment,,,hmmm...I know of no other group who can say they were brought here...shackled and were not criminals first!!! I have many "illegal" friends and in my work I have sent many a bread winner back to his home country leaving his wife and kids to fend for themselves here...many times without a phn. call...Immigration is a slippery slope...many pay taxes and never get a refund!!! Love your article...

Willie C said...

I couldn't agree with you more, Son. I have not intended to imply that our immigration system doesn't need fixing....I even surprised myself when I checked out the history (linked history), and realized how much of that I had learned in school, but had forgotten about.

I very much hope that what you've read in my entry is that what I oppose is our failure to control illegal entry into the country.

I do not blame the illegals, but I have a certain amount of contempt for citizens of this country who support and encourage illegal entry, and certainly for businesses who have made their gains by using illegal labor, and encouraging illegal immigration.

Rie Sheridan Rose said...

True. That is just the most obvious and visible source of the problem, but not the only one.

Willie C said...

I'm not arguing with what you say, Rie, because I believe you are right.

However, my entry is dedicated to illegal immigrants, not any particular group. That would have to be an issue for another discussion.