Friday, July 31, 2009

Today was a day I thought it might rain......

We had a little thunder this afternoon. Right in the middle of Judge Christina, I was shaken out of my concentration on a game of Freecell by an extremely loud thunderclap!

It even startled my wife, who was upstairs doing some sewing. I looked out through the sliding glass door, I suppose to check on our backyard trees, and was almost nose to nose with a spotted fawn. My wife, who was standing on the stair by this time, said something like "Oh, the poor little thing! Did he run into the door?"

It had never occurred to me, and still doesn't, that the noise I heard was a tiny deer hitting the door. I'm sticking to the thunder story, since it was actually thundering.

The little critter touched his nose to the glass, and I thought of running for my camera, but I'd never have made it. By the time my wife reached my side, he had decided to split.

I suppose that he'd managed to come in under the fence. My electric fence, which guards the back yard and garden area, is a single strand, 16" above the ground, which is quite effective in keeping the back yard clear of the "grown-up" deer.

As the little whitetail headed out, he suddenly seemed to trip up near the end of the compost bin, and was sort of struggling on the ground. My first thought was that he'd managed to get tangled in the fence wire, and went out to try to free him.

I told my wife to turn the fence off, and as soon as she did, the deer regained his footing and scampered away. I'm guessing that the struggling motion he was making was that each time he tried to move, the fence would zap him, and he'd flop back down to get away from the offending wire.

Without the shocks, he knew what to do, and hit the road.


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