Monday, June 15, 2009

An Old Guy's Random Rememberings #25


On the slow Wednesday of Feb. 26 (an unusually icy day for my area), when I arrived at Belco past 11:00 am, I spent the tedious trip tuned in to KLBJ in Austin, thinking that to be the best source of local weather news.

The show was dedicated to citizens phoning in about the weather conditions they were personally encountering, and was very helpful, even though most of them were from south and west of Austin.

One young man called in explaining that he had 14,000 pounds of equipment behind him (what was he driving, an SUV?) but he was talking like a trucker. He expressed the trucker’s usual complaint about careless four wheelers who cut into the trucker’s “lead space”.

I admit that this is a despicable practice, and is dangerous. However, I’ve never heard a trucker say a word about people in passenger cars, who are maintaining a reasonable distance from the big rig in front of them, who suddenly encounter a trucker behind them, fifteen feet away and closing.

Wouldn’t it stand to reason that if an automobile driver cuts in front of a trucker and for some reason suddenly has to hit his brakes, wouldn’t the end results be the same if an eighteen-wheeler was kissing a safe driver’s bumper from behind and that safe driver suddenly had to hit his brakes?


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