Thursday, March 5, 2009

Today Will Change Me (so they say)

After a week of anticipation, today, I'm going to the surgery center. I'm expecting great things, from accounts of all my "old" friends.

When my optometrist said, "that's about all I can do for you without the cataract surgery", I decided that the time had come. When we first started discussing it, about fifteen or so years ago, I could see "fine", and did not see any need for such a thing. The primary purpose of my ever wearing glasses anyway, was because it was a restriction on my driver's license, and I seemed to alternate between having and not having the restriction on my license.

Gradually over the years, though, It became harder to read without glasses. I'd find myself going over to a window to read ordinary newspaper print.

Many years ago, a person who frequently visited the place I worked, would tell me, "you're going to 'put your eyes out' working on that computer all the time". Maybe he was right.

My Flickr friends tell me I'll be able to see colors. Great! I'd never known I couldn't see colors. I really don't know what to expect, but I'm expecting that I will derive benefits I don't even know about.

My main goal, of course, is to be able to read again without having to concentrate on each individual word, like a first-grader.

Maybe, if you should read some of my typed words, you'll see fewer typos that I have failed to notice.


Bruce C Moore said...

Nothing about your writing has ever suggested you had a lack of vision or, for that matter, a lack of vision.

But I'll look forward to hearing about your new way of seeing.



Willie C said...

Thanks, Bruce. I won't know until tomorrow, but I'm sure I will have good things to say about a new way of seeing.