Friday, February 20, 2009

What does it take to be a great man?

This morning, I clicked on an obscure link on Facebook, and found myself at a profile for Jimmy Carter. Jimmy Carter on Facebook?

I had not read very far before I realized that, of course, Jimmy Carter had not developed this page nor written these words himself, but I think that they do a lot to reinforce my own opinion of the man:

Political Views:
Very Liberal
Religious Views:
Christian (Baptist)
Being a sweet ex-president
Promoting peace, democracy, and good stuff.
About Me:
Jimmy Carter does as an ex-President what some people (hint hint) ought to be doing as President, and what some people who want to be president (hint hint) should be aspiring to do.

This page was started by a fan of Mr. Carter in dedication to his good works.

We went through some tough times when Mr. Carter was president, and things were not much fun for us at that time.

I did not vote for Jimmy Carter in 1976, but my vote was not enough to keep him from becoming president. I voted for Jimmy Carter in 1980, when it appeared that the voting public was losing its collective mind, but unfortunately, my vote at that time was not enough to make him president.

I look at that fateful day in 1980 when Mr. Carter lost the election as being the beginning of the slide which has brought us to the position the county's in now. It was probably 1983 before I discovered that there was Pepsico, a global conglomerate. I'm sure it was probably not the first, but it was the first for me, and it helped me to form my current opinion of today's way of conducting business. "A strong economy attracts capital" will forever continue to be offensive to my ears.

I have often thought of Vietnamese immigrants as being better Americans than most of us, and I remember a rather casual statement once made by Jimmy Carter. "We created the situation that those people are in, and we owe those refugees some relief". No truer words could have been spoken.

Mr. Carter's connection with "Habitat for Humanity" is something we should all look to with pride, and aspire to emulate. When President Kennedy said those words, "Ask not what your country can do for you, ask what you can do for your country", I really did not take him very seriously at the time. Now, as an old guy, whose energy is nothing like it used to be, I can see that this is the way to be an American! Why shouldn't people began to relearn that our country is here for us, and we should be here for our country as well?

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