Saturday, February 28, 2009

An Old Guy's Random Rememberings #15

Life goes on, and Hunter's is no longer there, and my "celebration" trips have stretched from bi-weekly to monthly. Although I still have paydays, the "celebration" trip has become associated with the Social Security check, and not the Belco checks, which are for "odd" jobs, and not the regular bi-weekly ones.

I meant to comment on the radio programming of last Wednesday today, but have postponed 'til tomorrow, when I'll be able to make more sense of it, I hope.




It is customary that, on payday, I go to Hunter’s and get myself a liter of Scotch to celebrate my making it through another payday.

On this trip, I was stopped at the light, waiting to turn onto Leander Road, when I spotted a van with a large luggage rack on the top. It looked as if they had trash in the rack, because there was a very untidy array of boxes, loose things, etc, and right on top, what looked like a human.

As the van came closer, I noticed that the thing on top was a large crucifix, a life-sized fiberglass Jesus, lying atop the other stuff. Maybe it wasn’t trash after all. Maybe they were just sloppy packers. The van turned down Martin Luther Boulevard, which led down to both the Lutheran church and an apartment complex, so I was never truly aware of their intentions.

The sight called to mind a very funny joke I had heard some years before, which even at the time, was probably considered socially unacceptable. I was told this joke by one of my employees, who had heard it from another of my employees.

Two young black university students had just moved into an apartment which had been vacated by a couple of extremely slovenly girls. The young men spent all morning cleaning empty boxes, pizza cartons, beer bottles, and broken furniture out of the place and piling it into a rented trailer.

Finally, when they had removed all the junk, they started for the dump with their trailer. They hadn’t gone far when they realized that papers and trash were blowing out of the trailer. Since these young fellows were extremely neat, they decided that this was unacceptable. They had to be more careful.

One of the young men climbed into the trailer, and was lying on top, spreadeagled in such a way that he could hold the trash in place. As they passed through the center of town, a couple of old cowboys were sitting on a bench on the court-house square.

“Would you just look at that!” one of the geezers exclaimed. “Somebody’s throwing away a perfectly good nigger!”:

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