Saturday, February 16, 2008


I'd never given much thought to the photographs I'd been taking all my life, and had no idea where I might find them, anyway. Having discovered Flickr accidentally toward the end of November last year, I've found that I've become more disciplined and have certainly gone from "nothing" to "a little" in my photographic skill level.

I said once, recently, that in order to be an artist, one must appreciate his own work, because it's possible that no one else will. I could never be an artist (I've never been able to appreciate my art work), but I'm "sorta" beginning to appreciate my photographs. I expect to improve, and increase as time goes by.


Bruce C Moore said...

Splendid. Welcome to the democratization of publishing. We all have a voice. And there are people who will listen.


Willie C said...

Thanks, Bruce! I had not been monitoring this site as well as I should, because there'd been only a couple of comments so far, and one was solicited from my daughter as a test.

Without feedback, I was really uncertain whether or not anyone was interested enough to let me know they'd been there.

I've been "publishing" to my own computer for years, and had thought I'd have plenty to say, and I probably will, but you may find me a little slow starting.

Since yours was 'way back there, I didn't see it as I checked for comments, and find that I'd missed it. I intend to try to be more regular in my posting.