Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Casa Grande on a soggy day in May

While responding to a comment on this Casa Grande photo from a long-time friend and e-pal from NYC, I thought of my love for this Basin, this mountain, and the price of oil!

I have to drive for most of the daylight hours to reach this goal from home, and once thought that fuel prices were important to gas guzzlers, but not so much to me. I'm beginning to feel differently, as it has begun to separate me from the Chihuahuan Desert I love. In Texas, it's not normally possible to go to work, go to a movie, go out for dinner, much less go on vacation, without driving.

My friend in Manhattan has no car, nor does she see the need for such an encumbrance. Who'd have ever thought that I'd someday think that a life in the big city might have any advantages over my wide open spaces?


Bruce said...

Our new reality can pose some interesting dilemmas. Happily, at least for us, there is Seattle.

We live downtown. We can walk to everything. We drive 5,000 miles per year. And I can see two National Parks from my windows - Olympic, and Mt. Rainier. From the other side of the building you can see the Cascades.

It's a city you move to in order to be closer to nature.

Ever been here?

Willie C said...

Never been there, Bruce. The closest I've been is several trips to San Francisco over a lifetime. I can well understand the value of public transportation, but it seems to have become obsolete in Texas during the last half of the twentieth century.

From your description, you seem to have found your place. We know some people who moved up there (to Washington, but not to Seattle)a few years ago, and they always refer to it as "Wonderful Washington"